TRUSTEES ALL is a CITIZEN’S MOVEMENT seeking to generate public recognition of, and participation in, a new understanding of A PEOPLES POLITICAL ECONOMY OF TRUSTEESHIP IN HARMONY WITH NATURE. We seek to develop ‘power with’ to replace ‘power over’, by evolving a cellular and confederate model of genuine inclusive democracy for the UK based on universalist principles.

Our project provides the official link to a system for that Citizen’s Movement to prepare a living written Constitution and a Confederate  -  not a Federate  - form of governance. Within it will be a pattern of devolution, subsidiarity, mutual accountability and recognised responsibility. It will include the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with scope in time for Eire to join. It involves a fundamental shift from ‘power-over’ to ‘power-with’.

STRATEGY FORUM evokes, monitors and records progress at least monthly. This open inter-disciplinary peer body represents a development in constant audit of ‘principled pragmatism’ and enhances the possibilities of genuine democracy

The MANIFESTO sets out a step-by-step process of using the system to become the system to change the system, thereby regenerating trust and preparing its readers for a better understanding of the necessarily tightly-worded and evolving Charter:

The CHARTER holds the systemic image or model together. It is drafted to contain that image within a single page and to be digested slowly with both its principles and its parts always in mind. The Charter is both a guide to a written constitution and a suggested protocol for its achievement. The people will monitor the Constitutional Parliament’s progress in building a new society based on nine foundational principles underlying its structures. It cannot be prescriptive simply because a democratically elected Constitutional Parliament is sovereign and cannot, and should not, be bound by the Charter that led to its establishment:

The WEBSITE - will depend on participative build-up. A weekly 6-8min Newscast (cc. to YouTube) keeps channels open for a two-way flow of information - see list of podcasts to date:

The S-O-S Model (attached) depicts a self-governing society as a network of self-organising cellular units of maturing mutuality. It’s beginning to function, but it relies on costly voluntary work and the participation of many.

The HOUSE TO HOME Model  provides an image of the broken foundations of our current system and their proposed replacements:

THE COMPENDIUM OF CONSTITUTIONALISTS’ THINKING & GLOSSARY OF LANGUAGE AND ITS USAGE provides dip-in explanations of the vocabularly that enables understanding and practice to grow exponentially, forming a CRITICAL MASS  - what a weight of pun, purpose and possibility lies in those two final words:
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