Workshop: Wed 10th April 2019

A radio voice recently warned of the approaching storm 'Social Media' with its "threat of thunder of opinion and lightning of judgement!" In this third workshop on Mutual Education let us tackle afresh the significance of the Guidelines generated in the collaborative build-up to the evolving of ICUK.  We'll meet in the Octavia Room of St John's Waterloo from 12-2pm.

From the first workshops two themes/distinctions emerged:   firstly, the relationship of Consent and Consensus, and secondly, the creative tension to be sustained between vital emergency Palliatives and a sustained systemic Curative.  These themes are keys to how ICUK contributes to a self-organising global society, through its UK application.  Your views are vital to our collaborative effort:

ICUK Guidelines for Collaboration

Over time, Constitutionalists have learned that conciliatory dialogue is, among other things, aided by:
o Remembering that nothing is impossible if we don't mind who gets the credit
o Understanding that servant-leadership is about enabling, not controlling, others.
o Sustaining high tolerance for ambiguity, respecting contributions made at meetings and not interrupting those speaking
o Welcoming newcomers at their point of entry
o Holding strong convictions tentatively and keeping all boundaries permeable
o Seeking to listen and learn rather than being right
o Ensuring all comments are related to the task
o Remembering that reality lies in the second glance, after dealing with prejudice in the first
o Acknowledging that thinking is difficult and that people move at different speeds
o Remembering that fragility is a mark of value: that which is not fragile may be pretentious
o Throwing out dogma, while preserving any wisdom or poetry that inspired it
o Checking one's own tribalism and egotism by remembering that we share our fragile planet with others
o Being aware that dialogue's ultimate goal is resolution and reconciliation
o Knowing that Democracy is the art of thinking independently together

Peter Challen

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Democracy is the art of thinking independently together
and in the UK there is a way of making it achievable