Workshop: Wed 6th March 2019

WORKSHOP on Mutual Learning to be held on Wednesday March 6th 12-2pm in the Octavia Room at St John's Church Waterloo where we will examine the nature of COLLABORATION and CO-ACTIVITY aided vitally through 4 images or lens below AND, please, by your own valuable contributing comments which you can helpfully submit in response to them............

  1. The structures examined at the first Workshop of the House that we must help to become a Home of Common Good:
  1. The nature of the mind-shift we are all urgently required to make 'co-actively':

  1. More simply put:

  1. Co-activity through another lens........ A gem depicting an aspect of the natural inclusion of all life on planet earth.   DRAWING FROM THE WELL-SPRING  by Photographer Susan Derges talking about our symbiotic relationship with water, in Resurgence No 313 March-April 2019.

"Water offers the perfect metaphor in so many ways for our changing, fluid and interconnected state of being as physical and conscious presences in the world. Our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water, and in our awareness we might often feel like water too – when we have a sense of immersion in something, be it music, art or a particular task where there is a unity with the subject, we might feel ripples of pleasure, waves of emotion, experience streams of thought, be dispersed and ‘floating’, or feel frozen like ice. We can be disturbed, chaotic, overwhelmed, or as still as a mountain lake. Inspiration seems to bubble up from a well-spring hidden from our awareness, and lack of it can feel like a stagnant pool. We can be thirsty for something non-physical, as well as for the literal element of water, and both can feel equally essential to life."  p47.  "And the last phrases of the article: “…like participation in a very fragile complex event that includes imagination and insight as part of a liquid mystery of the flowing whole.”  p49

  1. “Hope cannot be had by the individual if everything is corporately hopeless.   It is hard to heal individuals when the whole thing is seen as unhealable.”

Please email comments to Peter Challen before March 4th  or better still  say you are able to be present: - Peter