Workshop: Wed 6th February 2019

'Earth - from a crumbling HOUSE to an ecological HOME'

You are warmly invited to attend, or to comment by email, by asking questions, submitting evidence for our workshop on Wednesday 6th February 2019 near Waterloo from 12noon-2pm (ask for venue details if you can attend) - Peter Challen

12-12.30 Introductions and submissions
12.30 - 1.45 distilling the value of this symbol and developing
communication skills.
1.45- 2 Summary; and ideas for next Workshop on Mar 6th

See earlier collaborative description of the crumbling foundations:

See also earlier analysis developed by the ICUK Strategy & Development Forum:
False & Universal Foundations
. Suggestions for improvement would be valued.

Democracy is the art of thinking independently together
and in the UK there is a way of making it achievable