ICUK: is dealing with BOTH the need for many urgent palliatives within a dying system AND a  systemic re-design by the democratic application of a curative and integrated political-economy. Everyone who is ready to consider our challenge is likely already to be engrossed in a palliative in the existing system. We must clearly honour that fact, while also asking them as sensitively as we can to put their name and some deliberate additional activity to a critical mass movement for systemic restructuring. In this context we are offering the vital non-partisan, that is inclusive, approach ‘to use the system, to become the system to change the system, to recover trust’.

In order to bolster this educative mind-shift and maintain the creative tension of what so many think of as either/or rather than both/and, we must ensure that any clarifying of language does not obscure this profoundly radical intent – otherwise we are seen to be just another worthy radical adjustment disconnected from the integrity that is natural in the creative forces from which we all spring.  Cromwell puts it bluntly in ousting Parliamentarians. Collective discord demands fundamental reform, but we are trying ‘to use the system. to become the system, to change the system to recover trust: This site is now subject to revision with new more realistic targets – enquire via