A radio voice recently warned of the approaching storm 'Social Media' with its "threat of thunder of opinion and lightning of judgement!" In this third workshop on Mutual Education let us tackle afresh the significance of the Guidelines generated in the collaborative build-up to the evolving of ICUK.  We'll meet in the Octavia Room of St John's Waterloo from 12-2pm.

From the first workshops two themes/distinctions emerged:   firstly, the relationship of Consent and Consensus, and secondly, the creative tension to be sustained between vital emergency Palliatives and a sustained systemic Curative.  These themes are keys to how ICUK contributes to a self-organising global society, through its UK application.  Your views are vital to our collaborative effort:

ICUK Guidelines for Collaboration

Over time, Constitutionalists have learned that conciliatory dialogue is, among other things, aided by:
o Remembering that nothing is impossible if we don't mind who gets the credit
o Understanding that servant-leadership is about enabling, not controlling, others.
o Sustaining high tolerance for ambiguity, respecting contributions made at meetings and not interrupting those speaking
o Welcoming newcomers at their point of entry
o Holding strong convictions tentatively and keeping all boundaries permeable
o Seeking to listen and learn rather than being right
o Ensuring all comments are related to the task
o Remembering that reality lies in the second glance, after dealing with prejudice in the first
o Acknowledging that thinking is difficult and that people move at different speeds
o Remembering that fragility is a mark of value: that which is not fragile may be pretentious
o Throwing out dogma, while preserving any wisdom or poetry that inspired it
o Checking one's own tribalism and egotism by remembering that we share our fragile planet with others
o Being aware that dialogue's ultimate goal is resolution and reconciliation
o Knowing that Democracy is the art of thinking independently together

Peter Challen

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Democracy is the art of thinking independently together
and in the UK there is a way of making it achievable

WORKSHOP on Mutual Learning to be held on Wednesday March 6th 12-2pm in the Octavia Room at St John's Church Waterloo where we will examine the nature of COLLABORATION and CO-ACTIVITY aided vitally through 4 images or lens below AND, please, by your own valuable contributing comments which you can helpfully submit in response to them............

  1. The structures examined at the first Workshop of the House that we must help to become a Home of Common Good:
  1. The nature of the mind-shift we are all urgently required to make 'co-actively':

  1. More simply put:

  1. Co-activity through another lens........ A gem depicting an aspect of the natural inclusion of all life on planet earth.   DRAWING FROM THE WELL-SPRING  by Photographer Susan Derges talking about our symbiotic relationship with water, in Resurgence No 313 March-April 2019.

"Water offers the perfect metaphor in so many ways for our changing, fluid and interconnected state of being as physical and conscious presences in the world. Our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water, and in our awareness we might often feel like water too – when we have a sense of immersion in something, be it music, art or a particular task where there is a unity with the subject, we might feel ripples of pleasure, waves of emotion, experience streams of thought, be dispersed and ‘floating’, or feel frozen like ice. We can be disturbed, chaotic, overwhelmed, or as still as a mountain lake. Inspiration seems to bubble up from a well-spring hidden from our awareness, and lack of it can feel like a stagnant pool. We can be thirsty for something non-physical, as well as for the literal element of water, and both can feel equally essential to life."  p47.  "And the last phrases of the article: “…like participation in a very fragile complex event that includes imagination and insight as part of a liquid mystery of the flowing whole.”  p49

  1. “Hope cannot be had by the individual if everything is corporately hopeless.   It is hard to heal individuals when the whole thing is seen as unhealable.”

Please email comments to Peter Challen before March 4th  or better still  say you are able to be present: peterchallen@gmail.com - Peter

'Earth - from a crumbling HOUSE to an ecological HOME'

You are warmly invited to attend, or to comment by email, by asking questions, submitting evidence for our workshop on Wednesday 6th February 2019 near Waterloo from 12noon-2pm (ask for venue details if you can attend) - Peter Challen

12-12.30 Introductions and submissions
12.30 - 1.45 distilling the value of this symbol and developing
communication skills.
1.45- 2 Summary; and ideas for next Workshop on March 6th

See earlier collaborative description of the crumbling foundations:

See also earlier analysis developed by the ICUK Strategy & Development Forum:
False & Universal Foundations
. Suggestions for improvement would be valued.

The first Workshop on Feb 6th - a report:

We considered in a number of steps why this chart is such a strong symbol of our collaborative work these last 15 years. It has attracted many people to enter into collaborative dialogue. Yet encouraging commitment to shared exploration and application remains a major task. Three Book reviews in one Feb 2 Saturday Newspaper extended our understanding of the magnitude of that task. We need every reader’s participation in tackling it.

FIRSTLY: We took the ‘New Atlas of Planetary Management as the multidisciplinary perspective on the state of the planet. It is the work of a 14 strong production team, 76 consultants, examining 96 websites and referencing 317 books and readings!! Edward O Wilson, doyen of Environmentalists introduced the Atlas. His text is available on request

Another early reference pertaining to the Atlas was Adi Da’s description of "PRIOR UNITY".  By "prior". is not meant "previous". It is not pointing to some past "golden age" of unity on Earth. Rather, of the inherent, or "a priori", unity of existence - the primal, irreducible state of being in which the world and all things continually arise and pass away. This original state of being, is, by its very nature, one and indivisible, regardless of the apparently separate happenings that arise within it.

A clear awareness of the truth of prior unity enables intelligent collective action - action that starts from the working principle that prior unity is already so, rather than action that simply "works toward", or struggles to establish, unity. In other words, he is saying that the "real" or "realistic" politics of our time must come from understanding, and acting in accordance with, how things really are. There is an immediate obstacle to such intelligent action, and that obstacle is "ego", or "egoity" - the false assumption that separateness is the case, and acting on that basis. Ego, makes, or is, "two-ness" - the sense of "self versus "other". "Self constantly presumed, has no real existence. Human society is based on ego, or "two" - subject and object. Prior unity is -Not-Two". And "Not-Two" is intrinsic peace.“ Definitions from ‘Not-Two is Peace' Adi Da

The 12 Crumbling Foundations, sent last week with notice of this workshop need details for improvement – are you able to help?

SECONDLY:  We then examined the nature of the evolving planet in the early pages of the Atlas under these headings…..

a] THE FRAGILE PLANET and its unique nature - page10/11
b] ACCELERATING EVOLUTION – every aspect of life is at it!! - p12/13
c] HUMANS in ‘Gaian Identity’ are late-comers and because of b] every late comer is an elder to their pro-generators because of their unconditioned and uninstitutionalised curiosity - p14/15


THIRDLY: We examined briefly an article on ‘NATURAL INCLUSIONAL STREAMS’ in which nineteen headings [see below] referenced inter-disciplinary zones which were explored in relation to each other. The full 4 page article could be sent on request:
1. Philosophy and Logic;  2. Consciousness and Awareness;  3. Engineering and Architecture;  4. Theology and Spirituality;  5. Mathematics.;  6. Education and Learning;  7. Health and Flourishing;  8. Management and Leadership;  9. Commerce and Industry;  10. Physical and Environmental Sciences;  11. Sociology and Social Governance;  12. Conflict Dissolution;  13. Biological Science and Ecology;  14. Organisational Structure and Dynamics;  15. Language and Linguistics;  16. Psychology;  17. Information Technology;  18. Art and Creativity.;  19. Economics

All these sources call us to connect with a passionate and global community of other change makers, spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and healers. There are now a myriad of opportunities to deeply connect with others including facilitated conversations, intimate groups, coffee shops fora and meal time conversations.

Thus might we break through preconceptions, tap into uncharted wells of wisdom, and build a launchpad for a future towards which we can together! [‘The Possibility Accelerator’].  ALL OF WHICH WE BROUGHT INTO FOCUS ON OUR STRUCTURED SOCIETY IN THIS IMAGE OF SOCIETY.

Contact (for booking and/or feedback):  Peter Challen <peterchallen@gmail.com>

Democracy is the art of thinking independently together
and in the UK there is a way of making it achievable

ICUK: is dealing with BOTH the need for many urgent palliatives within a dying system AND a  systemic re-design by the democratic application of a curative and integrated political-economy. Everyone who is ready to consider our challenge is likely already to be engrossed in a palliative in the existing system. We must clearly honour that fact, while also asking them as sensitively as we can to put their name and some deliberate additional activity to a critical mass movement for systemic restructuring. In this context we are offering the vital non-partisan, that is inclusive, approach ‘to use the system, to become the system to change the system, to recover trust’.

In order to bolster this educative mind-shift and maintain the creative tension of what so many think of as either/or rather than both/and, we must ensure that any clarifying of language does not obscure this profoundly radical intent – otherwise we are seen to be just another worthy radical adjustment disconnected from the integrity that is natural in the creative forces from which we all spring.  Cromwell puts it bluntly in ousting Parliamentarians. Collective discord demands fundamental reform, but we are trying ‘to use the system. to become the system, to change the system to recover trust:  http://www.constitutionalists.uk. This site is now subject to revision with new more realistic targets – enquire via peterchallen@gmail.com